Classic Sailing Dinghies sailing days are run with the help of Brightlingsea Boat Park and Ride. The dinghies used are part of the Brightlingsea One Design sailing fleet.

Classic Sailing Dinghies run throughout the summer months offering taster sailing, and Coperate sailing events. Our offering is a day or part day sailing with an expirenced helm in these wooden classic dinghies from anything between a family cruise to a close fought class dinghy race series for expirenced helms and crews.

The classic wooden dinghies will sail in company from our base in Brightlingsea  into the Colne or Blackwater rivers in company with other dinghies and supported by a safety boat.

The customer only needs to bring warm clothing , all protective and safety equipment will be provided as with essential instruction. We also provide changing rooms and hot showers if required.

Overall we expect to provide moderate exercise in pleasent surroundings in a unique classic wooden dinghy. 

Using our classic wooden sailing dinghies we can cruise up the rivers and creeks, arrange to race against friends or get some exercise before a pleasent lunch and a lazy sail home. We can build a solution for you accompanied by our expirenced helms and supported by our safety boats and observer launch.

Using single class dinghies we train you and, after lunch organise a mini series of racing. If you have never raced in the sea / estuaries of the East Coast you will find it all an exciting and rewarding expirence.