You know all about the hassle of home storage for your boat – towing it around, getting your car covered in mud, and finding somewhere to keep it.

Thankfully, with Brightlingsea Boat Park and Ride, you can leave your boat with us. We operate a park-and-ride facility for sports and fishing boats up to 26 foot. Security is great – we have a fenced area all on asphalt hard standing, with 24-hour CCTV or you can leave your boat in our undercover storage area.

That’s the park bit.  Now the ride, well all you do is turn up, get on board and well hitch up one of our tractors to your trailer, take you to the water and launch you. After that, it’s up to you.  Spend the day fishing or just playing about on the water.

For those of you who just need a day launch we can launch / recover you.  Just turn up pay the harbour fees and we will do the rest for you for a small fee of £30 -saves the car getting wet.

Outside Park and Ride

(Jet ski/ Dinghy – 4.3m up to 14′)   (Small – 5.5m up to 18′)    (Medium 5.5m – 7.3m 18′-24′)    (Large 7.3m – 8.8m 24′-29′)

YEARLY FEE    (Outside Park & Ride)

                                              Excl VAT  Inc VAT    Monthly (incl)
Small          £1,381.42        £1,657.71        £138.15
Medium     £1,542.80       £1,851.37        £154.29
Large          £1,697.73        £2,037.28      £169.78

YEARLY FEE    (Inside Park and Ride)

Full Year

                                             Excl VAT    Inc vat     Monthly (incl)
Jet ski                    £1,200.00         £1,440.00          £120.00
Small                     £2,033.40     £2,440.08         £203.35
Medium                £2,407.80     £2,889.37         £240.79
Large                     £2,788.66      £3,346.39        £278.87
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