Brightlingsea Boating Academy

 Brightlingsea Boating Academy`s facilities are within the Boat Park and Ride compound. We are a RYA recognised training centre to run Powerboat and safety boat courses. We use modern Suzuki powered ribs. RYA powerboat level 2 is the minium recognised standard.

This course is run mainly during midweek throughout the year,and can be organised with only a few days notice. Maximum pupils on a course are three students per boat. The courses start at 9.00 on day one and are finished by 16.00 on day two.  The 2 days can be spread over a 2 week period if required.

From September we are looking to offer powerboat courses over a weekend.

Food  and accommodation is not included but if you look at our links page there is a list of local B+Bs and resturants.

Procurement of this certificate enables you to obtain the ”International Certificate of Competence ” by applying directly to the RYA again this can be done through this website as well as purchacing any RYA books that would help you with info regarding your training.

The Aim of Powerboat level 2 is to teach boat handling and seamanship in powerboats. The majority of the course is practical and afloat, but there will be several hours of theory work ashore. The remainder of the theory work will be done through the course while afloat.

Areas Covered:- Launching and recovery,(local bylaws, trailers, preparations and problems that might arise). Slow manoveuvres, boat handling underway, coming along side, securing to a buoy, in various conditions / circumstances, anchoring, dealing with a disabled craft – towing, boat position, trim, loadings etc. High – speed manoeuvres, Planing, steering controls, S turns, U turns, power trim, Man overboard.

During the course we will be looking at different craft, engines and drive systems, safety equipment and potential emergencies.

Finally in the class room we cover the buoyage system, basic chartwork, the understanding of tides and the tidal streams.

You will be required to wear a lifejacket at all times while afloat. These are provided with waterproofs if required. Sun block and drinking water is recommended while afloat.

If you are going to be a sports boat owner and if prefered you could use a new buoyancy aid, then after the course we would be prepaired to sell it to you at a discounted price, and any more that you want for family members.

An up to date passport size photo is required for the certificate when the course is passed.

For bookings dates and more information please telphone 01206 304747.

Course costs, for one to one tuition £350. Two pupils on the course £215 each. Three persons on the course £195 each.

Get a certificate and enable yourself a cheaper insurance quote. (Many harbours wont let you launch if you have no insurance).

We now are pleased to announce that we have a new Valiant rib within the fleet of training craft. This boat is bigger than the boats we have been using, giving more room and comfort when afloat.




Royal Yachting Association books

We have a selection of RYA books to assist you with your training and well being when on the water.

For someone who is expressing an interest but not sure which way to go with starting out we can offer :-

Start Powerboating  This book is used for powerboat level 2 training purposes but is also a good read for anyone expressing an interest in powerboating. £9.99

Getting Afloat. For the sports boat and rib potential owner.This book looks at various craft and there  good and bad points. £11.95

Powerboat log book. A book to list all your time afloat. £5.49

Inland Waterways hand book. For those who would like to know more about using a boat on the waterways inland in the uk. £12.49

VHF radio. covers all you need to know to get you dsc radio licence. £6.99

GPS afloat. An insight into using gps when out at sea and understanding how it all works. £14.99

Safety Boat. For those who would like to become a safety boat driver within sailing, rowing and wind surfing clubs.  £9.50

Personal watercraft. Looking into how to operate a personal watercraft safely.  £9.99

First aid afloat. Something we never want to think of but its best if we had an understanding of what to do if somthing did go wrong out at sea, before any assistance could get to you. £10.99


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